Friday, June 28, 2013

More about that one season

I guess this week is Everything I Love About Summer at Miles and Laurel, huh? I'll get it out of my system and be done. No, that's probably a fib. Let's just revel in this lovely season, okay?

Today after work Wish and I went for a walk at Como Lake. And we didn't get rained on, despite skies that looked like this!

Here's another example of his "TAKING PICTURES IS SO VERY BORING" face:

Continuing in the "Everything I Love About Summer" category around town:

My cherry tomato plant!

These trees, whatever they are:

Catalpa trees, which always remind me of the one in my childhood home's yard:

Okay, you got me. Nothing new here. You guys know I love pretty much any variation of tree. Exponential bonus points if there are leaves on the branches. Infinity bonus points if there's light shining through the trees.

The city is a pretty place this time of year.

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