Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three things Thursday

A quick week recap/weekend preview, because I need to pack:

1) We are traveling this weekend, to see Josh's family in Colorado! We have some fun plans and it will be great to spend time with them.

2) I have been yammering about this forecast to anyone who will listen. I am filled with delight.

For context, I don't know that the high temperature in my neck of the woods has cracked 60 degrees this week. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but it has definitely not cracked 70. Summer will come around eventually in Minnesota, but for now, I am very excited for those little suns in Colorado.

3) Ever since the days when I used to travel more for work, I've crossed my fingers that I'll get a new magazine right before I fly. Today in the mail, there were literally seven magazines, which I promise is not typical. But I do love magazines, so that is a red letter day.

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