Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colorado weekend

As previously mentioned, we spent the weekend in Colorado with Josh's family. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, and it was important to us to visit before the wedding in September - so we grabbed some flights and hopped on a plane for a long weekend.

That's the context. Now, for a brief recap:

Start with another sky photo? Don't mind if I do!

That's from the drive from the airport to Josh's hometown. That distance is no stone's throw, but I like to look out the window at the big skies.

Early in our trip, Josh's mom told me that nopales (prickly pear) grow wild in that region of Colorado. I told her I had never seen them but vowed to keep an eye out during my miles on the roads that weekend. Sure enough:

I also saw my first scorpion. No lie. Also, no photos of that.

I repeat: you need not look for scorpions in any of the following photos. This is just LaLa and me. (In case you haven't seen recaps from past visits, this is a nickname.) She is among the most enthusiastic flowergirls-to-be that I've ever encountered. (Not that I have gauged enthusiasm among dozens of flowergirls, but you understand.) Also, I kind of wish her romper came in grown-up sizes.

That photo was taken at one of two baseball practices at which we spectated. Loco, Josh's nephew, has turned into a little man and has joined a baseball team! It was sweet to watch him play.

I took some other photos where his face is flushed and you can tell it's really roasting outside. The temperature got closer to 100 degrees each day of our trip. It was a really lovely dry heat and felt great to me. I like this aspect of this region's climate because the mornings are cool enough (and so dry) to allow for really pleasant running conditions, but then it heats up nicely through the day.

In other weekend coverage, it's a sweet little moment to jump out of a pool right after you've zipped down a waterslide, then take a peek at a thermometer by the concession stand and see the little red arrow pointing at 100. Summer.

And with that, of course, comes thunder, too. We got caught in some hail and rain one day, and then drove through to the other side of the storm. Here's my view out the car's back window, as the storm broke up and the sun was setting:

Raise your hand if you're in support of someone's fiancé stopping the car every once in awhile - say, when there is a crazy sunset going on - so his partner's photos of clouds aren't so herky-jerky. You are? Thank you!

I always love to explore another part of the country, even when it's not so new to me any more.

Just as we had planned, we got to spend lots of time visiting with family - immediate and extended - and the weekend flew by, and before we knew it, we were on our flight back to St. Paul. We got off the plane and had to make one stop, where this happy guy was waiting at my mom and dad's house:

A happy reunion, indeed.

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