Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventure with dog

This afternoon Wish and I jumped in the car and headed out to the wilderness Lebanon Hills Regional Park to have an adventure in the park's trail system. Whenever Wish gets out of the city, he finds disproportionate thrill in puttering around on trails, even if they're just paved bike paths. (I can't deny that I feel the same way.)   Since it has been a busy week after our trip, I wanted to take him out for a nice and long walk.

Here's Wish at the trailhead. I like this picture because he is all, "DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES?! LET'S GET ON THE ROAD!"

And oh, it was a pretty road. This was about the average trail width:

Sometimes the path got a little wider and turned into a horse trail. Sometimes it got narrower, like a one-way ski trail in the winter. It was very fun to explore. (Also, Wish saw his first horses since we adopted him. I wouldn't say the experience went well - "GIANT MONSTERS!!!" - but it's in the books.)

Then he settled down (and then probably get tired from trying to sniff every plant in the park).

Here's his "SO TUCKERED OUT" face:

 Wish was having so much fun sniffing around and pretending he was wild that he didn't notice this deer:

Nor did he notice a huge snapping turtle onto which I almost stepped. Goofball.

I give very high marks to the Lebanon Hills trails. They are exceptionally well-marked and easy to follow, and there are 15 miles of hiking trails that can be arranged into loops with a wide range of distances. A 45-minute stroll was just right for us, and I would love to come back here again soon (and often).

And my pet is sprawled out in a serious nap on the living room floor, so I can only assume this means he had a good time, too.

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