Thursday, June 13, 2013

The rest of the week

I've been all confused this week because of our travel and the shortened workweek. It's Thursday, I think?!

Some notes about the week that have piled up:

1) I tried a new recipe last night (tortilla pie) and we demolished it so fast that I might have to try it again with the leftover ingredients. I got really excited to see a recipe that riffed on some of my favorite ingredients (black beans, cheese, corn, tortillas, etc. - the things you see in about half of the recipes I post) but also brought eggs into the mix and seemed like such an easy, weeknight-friendly meal.

It was not quite as weeknight-friendly as I hoped because, while the prep takes about 10 minutes, the little pie takes a full hour in the oven. I think this would be a good meal for days when one is puttering around the house and has time to wait for a meal but doesn't quite want to spend a lot of time cooking. Heck, it's still good for weeknights. (While I waited, I indulged a random urge to clean the refrigerator, which turned out  to be a good, productive and presumably overdue exercise. Ugh.)

2) To continue on the cooking theme, today I tried making cilantro pesto (with almonds instead of pine nuts) and I'm not sure why it took me 29 years to arrive at cilantro pesto.

3) The cilantro is from our first CSA box of the season, so it's fitting that I tried something new because it's one of the CSA's fun draws. I also got bok choi, garlic chives, green garlic, purple potatoes, radishes, red chili dry beans, spring onions and spinach, so I don't think my cooking adventures are done for the week.

4) I met up with my brother and sister for happy hour. Here is my first photo effort, which I kind of love more than anything:

And the second:

We ordered the Lyndale Tap House's stampede fries, with cheese, bacon, scallions and beef jus all poured on top of the French fries. It reminded me of poutine in Montreal and it was good. Also, I think you can tell from the photos that it was a truly gorgeous summer day and we got to sit on the patio.

5) I have a big, heavy watermelon on my counter!

Jeepers, that was a really food-focused hodge-podge. There's just something marvelous about eating and cooking summer foods, isn't there?

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