Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Oops. I cued up yesterday's Marvelous Monday post but got caught up in a wedding-related project and forgot to publish it!

Here we go:

1) I started the week with Monday morning yoga. This is always a small triumph.

2) We spent Sunday afternoon and evening at my parents' house, one of my favorite ways to wrap up a weekend. My mom has an annual tradition of planting one patch of flowers in the shape of a letter - so far, she has covered all of our first initials. This year, it's W. I think this is for Wedding, but don't tell that to the little dog in between us, who thinks it's for him.

3) I was over at our friends' house this weekend and raided their iPad's recipe box, so I have a bunch of new recipes to try! It's fun to see their favorites, collected all together from various sources. It also inspired me to do an overhaul on my own recipe collection, which sorely needs a re-organize.

4) Need I say more?

5) Mega thanks to my dad, who tinkered with my car's angry muffler over the weekend and seemed to resolve the problem!!

And now next week is both 2013's halfway point and Fourth of July week. How did this happen!?

What are you up to this week, Reader? I hope your week is starting out well, and if you live in Minnesota (or any place that was affected recently by storms), I hope your home's power has been restored.

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