Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jambalaya and ice cream cake

Last night my family had dinner together at my parents' house to celebrate Josh's birthday. My mom cooked jambalaya and cornbread, which we loved. Then she took the dessert out of the freezer and plopped it straight into the oven, then onto the dinner table, where it had to sit for 30 minutes before we ate it.

It's something between a baked Alaska and a bombe, so it had a bottom layer of brownies, then layers of coffee ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, and some other kind of ice cream (chocolate?), then topped with meringue, which is what was browning in the oven. It turns out that the meringue insulates the ice cream layers, so the ice cream doesn't melt in the oven.

We were in awe. It was a special birthday treat and a great evening.

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