Sunday, January 5, 2014

The fireplace

Josh and I currently have a nonfunctioning fireplace in our living room, and a functioning fireplace is definitely on our dream wishlist for a future home. We love the idea of a working fireplace on a cold day.

We're a step closer...

This week I made it a little more functional...

Okay. This has nothing to do with a functional fireplace. I made a fake fire out of paper - and I love it.

With a Young House Love project way in the back of my head as initial inspiration, I got up during a Friday Night Lights marathon on a particularly chilly day last weekend and started making wavy "flames" with my rotary cutter and some red, orange and yellow scrapbooking paper, then taped each arrangement onto the fireplace doors.

Later in the week, I looked over at the fireplace and had to laugh. It looks like our "fire's" "flames" had actually sent little reflections dancing across the floor.

It's totally goofy, but the "fire" 1) makes me happy whenever I see it and 2) truly makes the room feel a little more cozy. We may have also talked about it like it's a real fire. It's not a home project I ever expected to take on, but it's definitely providing a little extra warmth (yes!) this week.

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  1. I am thrilled by this but even more thrilled to read the words "Friday Night Lights marathon." FINALLY