Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double feature at The Sky

Because of weekend plans that will pull us in different directions today and tomorrow, Josh and I had a midweek dinner date this week!  

It was Thursday, the same day that I ran with my brother and didn't have a camera to capture the magnificent sunrise.  Luckily, The Sky had a double feature in mind and dished out a spectacular sunset, in similar themes: hot, hot oranges and pinks and purples.  We made our way west toward Minneapolis, and I pulled out my camera, with no shame about taking photos through the car window.  

But as we were about to cross the bridge over the Mississippi River, I remembered that a glorious view of the Minneapolis skyline was about to pop out on the passenger side - allowing said passenger to open her window.

"Please move over to the right lane," I requested to my patient driver politely, and there you have it.

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