Monday, September 26, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Okay, it is really late (10:56 p.m.), but I have a hankering for a Marvelous Monday.

1) Part of that is because a non-blogging friend just emailed me her own Marvelous Monday list!  I loved hearing about her day. This is a practice that I now highly recommend.  Let it be known that I will gladly receive any reader's Marvelous Monday list.  Get your five items ready and send them my way.

2) On the third-to-last game of the 162-game baseball season, I finally saw a Twins game this season with my dad!  We were long overdue.  Our game got rained out earlier in the season, and then I couldn't attend the make-up game, so I sent my brother instead.  Tonight, we saw nine innings of Twins baseball in person for the last time until 2012.  It was no W, but it was great time with Dad.

3) It's Twin Cities Marathon week!!  This morning as I was ironing, I pronounced this week as one of my favorites all year in Minnesota because of this race.  It was my first marathon (back in 2007) and I haven't run it since because I volunteer on one of the race committees, but I probably get more excited about it than people who are actually racing it.  Sunday!  Sunday!

4) One word: Pinterest.  That's all.

5) 11 days til we go to Chicago and 13 days til I'm on the start line!

Marvelous, indeed.

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  1. Ooooooooh I'm so excited for you and the windy city!!!!