Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life has been happening

Despite the marathon musings here at Miles and Laurel, life has been progressing as usual this week.  The only differences: my time spent on the couch has been much higher than the traditional 52-week average and my time running has been much lower.  That's fine by me.  I will start up some slow, shorty, easy runs next week, but a break is healthy and fun.

In the spirit of Marvelous Monday, I bring you Thumbs Up Thursday, featuring five photos about what I've been up to this week. You'll note a return to comfortable territory.

1) Josh and I flew home on Monday.  I don't question how the universe works, but of all things, I wanted nachos in a bad way by late Monday afternoon.  We drove to the grocery store in the rain to get ingredients, and my mom texted me a sunset alert.  I responded that this was just not possible.  By the time we got home, it was indeed great sunset light.  Lesson learned: Mom is always right!

2) This is Tuesday morning.  I love the early morning light, even though this photo was taken - yeep - after the clock struck eight.  Another season is on its way.

3) The leaves are falling at full speed now.  September was really dry, but yesterday it poured rain - the first real soaker in a long time.  The precipitation was much needed for practical things like trees, yards, and farms. But I also love how the leaves look on the sidewalk after a hard rain, and this was the first peek at that all season.

That gray weather also launched me in a fervent search for more soup recipes.  I just found spicy corn and chicken chili, which I will try this weekend.  We're attending a potluck on Saturday and I decided to make some bars that involve a hodge-podge of M&Ms, peanut butter, butter, flour, and sugar.  That combination is pretty low-risk.

4) My mom came to St. Paul yesterday, and we went on a great long walk.  We stopped at a spot overlooking the Mississippi.  Can you tell this lady and I are related?  We were practically hip-checking each other out of the way during the photo-snapping process.

5) My mom is fab.  As if a relaxing October afternoon stroll wasn't enough, she packed a big tub of pesto vegetable soup - and this:

In case it was at all unclear, that isn't a petite sandwich bag full of candy corn and peanuts and decorated with Halloween ribbons.  It's a gallon-sized Ziploc.  It will probably last months weeks a few days. Yum.

Thumbs up, Thursday.

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  1. First: I've learned from your blog that if we both walked around the Twin Cities for a week (separately) with cameras, we'd probably return at weeks end with 90% of the same photos. I love that!

    Second: My favorite part of this is imagining you and Cathy "hip-checking" each other out of the way! ha!