Saturday, October 15, 2011

Satuday light

For the last 16 weekends I've spent in town, Saturday mornings have meant one thing: a long run, usually with my running club.  That involved having an alarm clock ring at 6:00, groaning for a long minute and then eating my bowl of oatmeal as fast as I could in order to make it to the club's meeting spot to start the run at 7:00.  That means I forgot what Saturday mornings in my apartment looked like.  Today I slept in until 9:00 (!!), tottered into the kitchen to make coffee and gasped at what I saw on the wall.

That's the sunlight shining just perfectly to shadow the vines outside onto the wall inside.  I want a stencil like this!

It reminded me that the sunlight and its tricks are worth watching at this time of the year.  When the temperatures are cooler, you can appreciate the sunlight because it's not merely boiling one's skin.  It's lower and kinder and more interesting.  It creates wonderful long shadows earlier in the day, like these scenes from my walk yesterday:

Later in the morning, we met some of our neighbors for the first time, including a new friend who is four and three-quarters years old.  We raked and raked a Whole Lotta Leaves and then had a little picnic together.  Now I am piled under a yellow down comforter in the living room, watching my Tennessee Volunteers battle LSU.  LSU is on top 17-7 at halftime, but Rocky Top is right in it.  After the game, Josh and I will catch some more sunlight before the Tigers-Rangers playoffs continue tonight!

October weekends.  Nuff said.

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