Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jumpin Jammerz

Reader, until I switched jobs, I used to travel the friendly skies a lot for work every autumn.  If that were the case this year, I have the feeling that Skymall content would join leaves and clouds as Miles and Laurel's most recurring themes.  I love Skymall.

Someday I promise I will offer better technology than my current junior varsity practice of taking photos of crunched-up newspaper and catalog pages - but today's not that day.  For now, feast your eyes on the following ad.  Can you ferret out the best part of the copy?

I think a lot of you probably got it.  Ready?

The enthusiastic testimonial from "Actor - Ryan Gosling" begs a wide range of questions, doesn't it?  

The most obvious: Who is we?  Was he sitting around a fireplace with Eva Mendes or Rachel McAdams (back in the day) wearing matching Jumpin Jammerz?  Does this mean Ryan Gosling and Ellen were shooting the breeze about Jumpin Jammerz, and if so, how did they get to that topic?  Does a clip of him saying this actually exist?  (I would pay to see it.)

I think Ryan calling the Jumpin Jammerz "wildly comfortable" instead of simply the pedestrian "comfortable" is the icing on the cake.  And because I saw Ides of March very recently and call Lars and the Real Girl one of my favorite movies, I am indeed - wait for it - wildly comfortable being on a first-name basis with Ryan.

Are there more questions that I haven't addressed?  Do you think you can work the phrase "wildly comfortable" into a conversation today?  And most importantly: Do you find yourself wanting a set of Jumpin Jammerz or what?


  1. I read the SkyMall on the way back from Mexico and it was wonderful! I actually SAW the Jumpin Jammerz (although I did NOT notice the quote from "Actor-Ryan Gosling"), and many other delightful items, my favorite being the color-changing showerhead.

  2. YES there is a clip! I was LUCKY enough to be home sick and SEE the show LIVE On my TV! (the CAPS shows my excitement). You must find it.

    Thus the "we" is him and Ellen.

    And, is this the Ryan Gosling news you had for me? Bravo!


  3. WHAT?!?!?! Sara, you are so clutch. ELLEN and Ryan were wearing the pajamas on her SHOW? I don't know if it makes the whole thing better or worse that he was presumably on television wearing the Jumpin Jammerz. They should've included an image instead of a quote then.