Monday, December 5, 2011

Festivities: Part I

Awhile back, Josh and I had a conversation about holiday decor.

Me: Would it look stupid if I made snowflakes and taped them to our big window?
Josh: Who cares, as long as that's what you like?

With this lesson in place about being true to myself and my holiday decor desires and Josh's implied endorsement of this plan, I went to work on my first real holiday-decorating adventure.  (I mean, at my home.  I didn't execute this craft project in my office.)  First, I practiced.  I folded up pieces of notebook paper and chopped away.  That's when I remembered that I still could only make eight-point snowflakes, instead of the six points that snowflakes have in real life.  I tried folding the paper less and ended up with the saddest four-point snowflake/square you'll ever see.  

That's when I googled "how to make a six-point snowflake" and learned, much to my relief, that this is a common problem for snowflake artists - and an easily remedied one at that.  Armed with my new folding technique, I got out my plain white paper and buckled down for the final drafts.

It got messy.  Real messy.

Um...the nail polish was not part of the production.  It was just there.
And then it got messier, once I moved to the other couch/workspace in our living room.  I laid all of the snowflakes in between books to flatten them, so the floor was fully occupied by books and many thousands of snowflake remnants. (Side note: after my long run on Sunday, I opened the front door and saw that Josh had cleaned up the entire explosion of little white pieces of paper, and the living room was pristine.  Ahhh.)

Then I got the idea in my head that we should have white lights around the window to give the snowflakes a nice glow.  Once I taped them up carefully, Josh secured the lights with little clips to keep them in place.  

Voila!  Well, oops.  I'm not quite done yet, but here's the "3/4 complete" large view:

Rats!  Don't notice the tree yet!  That's coming up later this week.

Look up close instead:

Anyway, I love the lights and the snowflakes, and the whole to-do reminded me that snowflake-making is a tremendous amount of fun - the perfect blend of mindless and creative.  If this seems remotely appealing to you, I highly recommend it this holiday season.

What about you, Reader?  Are you trying anything new this month, decorating or otherwise?

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