Thursday, December 1, 2011

A new month

Oh, Readers!  Thanks for the shout-outs yesterday for successfully wrapping up the month of November with 30 posts for 30 days!  I chose this goal back in late October inspired by my friend Nat, who made a similar resolution several months back and kept right on going with daily posts.  Will I keep the streak alive?  Who knows!  But thanks for reading and commenting and cheering me on.  I also realized on this morning's run that Miles and Laurel celebrated its half-birthday on Friday without any fanfare from me.  (Ugh, that might be the dumbest sentence I've ever tapped out on my keyboard, but whatever.)  In all seriousness, I'm grateful again for Natty nudging me along to get this project up and running!

Anyway, as mentioned, I lugged myself out of my home this morning for a run - possibly my first pre-work morning run since the marathon in October.  A dusting of snow had fallen overnight, which was appreciated at first because it helps my shoes get a better hold on the sidewalk, but then the snow started piling up in the treads by my heel, which makes my heels lift up off the ground and give me an idea of what it feels like to run in high heels.  (Pass, please.)  That makes for prime YakTrax conditions, but I guess my mind was too fuzzy at 6 a.m. to remember that. 

It was dark and early, but the snow on the sidewalks grabbed other footprints and reminded me that I wasn't the first one pounding the pavement:

I want a little creature to run with, too!
I'll wrap up this post by switching gears completely to leave you with another sight from my weekend in Colorado.  There's this taco truck in town that seems to be open 24 hours per day and busy all the time.  I ran by it early in the trip and was instantly curious and then became even more curious after people raved about it during a night out on the town.  At the end of that night, a group of us headed there.  They feature a seriously fabulous mix of traditional Mexican tacos and beloved breakfast burritos. 

On the menu, though, something caught my eye that looked a little bit out of place, even given the wide variety of options:

I guess having kids doesn't have to break the bank after all? Hmm.

On tonight's agenda: buying soup ingredients and massive amounts of cookie-baking supplies, repairing my home, and possibly locating a Christmas tree.  I have a cookie exchange coming up, and I've gotta get ready.

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