Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots of snow

Minnesota had a snowless Christmas this year - in fact, the high on Christmas Day was a very unseasonable 52 degrees!  My Christmas in Colorado was a very, very white Christmas, thanks to a blizzard that swept across the Southwest early last week.  We arrived after dark on Thursday, so it was hard to get a good grasp on just how much snow had fallen and how such a rare storm had affected the town.

On Friday morning, I woke up early (thanks, time zones!) and headed out on foot to check out the snow.  A dusting on top of the snowpacked roads actually made running conditions a-ok, but driving the roads in town was quite a bit trickier.  I've never seen snow there before, let alone snow like that.  Combine the pristine snow with hoarfrost - one of my favorite weather-generated conditions of all time - and it was one of the most beautiful runs I've ever had.

Check it out!


An hour after I returned, all of the hoar frost had disappeared from the trees.  I came back from the run bouncing off the walls with excitement - a very happy way to kick off my Colorado Christmas.

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