Thursday, December 15, 2011

Splish! Splash!

To continue the previous post's rained and rained yesterday.  

Look at how green the grass is in mid-December!

A dusting of snow arrived overnight and it looks a bit more seasonal.  Today will bring boot camp and holiday parties. 

P.S. Because I am rushing to cash in on this year's flex spending account, I braved getting my eyes dilated yesterday to order new glasses and contacts.  I am extremely feeble when it comes to this task.  I get my eyes checked, my pupils get monstrous and then I toddle around feeling blurry and confused for way too long.  Last time this happened - my first time getting my eyes dilated - I didn't know what to expect and had to leave my car and walk home from Target Optical because I was so googly and impaired.  This time, I planned ahead, and Josh brought me to the appointment and, I think, got a kick out of my sorry state.  (On a positive note, I am excited to have new glasses!)

P.P.S. Santa's beard is 60 percent full!

Happy Thursday!

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