Saturday, December 31, 2011


Those photo fads have been sweeping the internet this year, haven't they?  I've stayed pretty far away from them.  I have not planked, I have not owled, and I have not tried to emulate Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow - although I came close last night at the bowling lane, but that was more a product of nearly falling over due to horrific bowling technique than actual Tebowing.

But in yesterday's Star Tribune, a wrap-up of the year's photo fads got my family in the curious spirit.  The story included this thing called horsemanning, a photo fad of which I had not heard!  Per the article, horsemanning is "a modern revival of an old 1920s photo trick involving two people that makes one look like the head and body have been separated."  I learned later that there's even a website called, complete with photo gallery.  (The whole photo technique is named after the Headless Horseman from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," in case your curiosity was equally piqued.)

Armed with just enough idle time after dinner, I bring you my family's best horsemanning.

My brother, after a couple of failed takes, summarized it best: "How'd they do this in the '20s?!"

Cheers!  I hope you and your loved ones have a warm, wonderful and safe New Year's Eve.  See you next year!

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