Thursday, December 29, 2011

Week in review

Ahhh. I've been at my parents' house since Monday night, and the week has been cozy, jolly, peaceful and warm.

My activities have included:

-Finding a sewing machine under the tree!

I've been researching and plotting my first projects, but the first step is to putter around and get to know the machine.  Here is my first creation!  So proud.  Does anyone want a small pouch, perfect for a cell phone and wallet?  Don't all raise your hands at once!

Yesterday my mom and I scoped out the nearby sewing and craft stores and collected some supplies and fleece for my first project.  I will start this project tomorrow!

-Baking potica, the Slovenian bread that has found itself among my family's holiday traditions.  It's dough spread with a mixture of ground walnuts, honey, butter and so on and then rolled into a loaf, so when you cut a slice, it's a pretty spiral of filling.  I learned to knead bread by making potica.

-Making pizza dough and then pizza with my brother.  I want to host a make-your-own-pizza dinner party sometime.

-Running my beloved trails in the park reserve close to my parents' house.  They are the place where I first started to love running.  It's impossible to run here and not remember how proud and excited I felt about running two miles for the first time, or four miles, or eight miles.  The trails are beautiful and calming and stretch on and on and on in ways that paths in St. Paul just can't do.  I resolve to train here more frequently.

-Mulling over and dreaming up my 101 in 1,001 list. It's happening!  Thanks to Steph for pointing me toward the Day Zero Project website, which will be a great home for my list.  It is timely and fun to work on my ideas the week before the new year begins.

What are you up to this week, Reader?

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