Saturday, January 19, 2013


Cold and wind, that is! Whoa!

I think if you've visited Miles and Laurel more than one time, ever, you know I revel in weather chatter. Today a wild front swooped across Minnesota, and it's ushering in some Arctic air. I will take you through the day:

9:30 a.m. On our walk with Wish, I'm warm in my down jacket.

10 a.m. I start my run, and temperatures were in the low 30s. I wear a lightweight shirt, a jacket, pants, a headband, and gloves that I sometimes removed. There's a light breeze, and I really couldn't ask for better January 19 running conditions.

I run 9.5 miles (as usual, my longest since the October marathon!) and am happily surprised at how good I felt at the end. When I finish the run, the breeze has picked up a little bit and I am glad to finish before the wind blows in from western Minnesota, where temperatures are already plummeting.

1 p.m. According to Josh's car's weather gauge, the temperature is 42.

4 p.m. Josh and I venture out to get groceries and my replacement telephone. The car's weather gauge reads 28 degrees. It's decidedly less pleasant. (But my phone is up and running!)

5 p.m. We exit the grocery store, and the winds have really picked up. Back in the car, we see the temperature has dropped seven degrees in the last hour.

5:15 p.m. Wish is dismayed at the unfavorable conditions on our walk. It's a short one. We play a wild game of fetch in the house instead.

He assembles all of his favorite toys in one place and pauses momentarily to appreciate his good work.

A few minutes later, winds are gusting to 42 miles per hour. Yeep.

If you are in Minnesota, were you out and about as the weather changed today?

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  1. Oh oh oh I've been keeping an eye on those #s; yikes!!! Stay warm!