Monday, January 14, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 2

Hi, second Monday! I got to wear 3/4-length pants for a run late last week, but that might not happen again this month. This morning started out very cold, and I was glad my car was up to the challenge. The temperatures are supposed to warm up later in the week and then take another major nosedive next week, so I will enjoy any warmish sun I can snag.

Oh. I could talk about weather all day long. Let's refocus: it's Marvelous Monday, where I like to list five marvelous things happening today or this week:

  1. I squeezed in my first real speedwork in a long time (albeit gentle speedwork) on the treadmill over my lunch hour. That's also my first treadmill run in probably a year but [warning: more weather talk coming] the sidewalks were so icy over the weekend that I wanted to take my run indoors to a safer surface. (Bonus: I stumbled across some songs on my Treadmill Mix to which I haven't listened in ages!)
  2. [More weather talk] As previously mentioned numerous times, it was really cold this morning, and when I was driving down my street en route to work, I saw a dude leave his house with bike in hand, hop on the bike and cycle away like it was no big deal. That's tough - and marvelous.
  3. I'm poaching this one from Nat, but I couldn't help but notice after she mentioned it: the days are getting longer! When I took Wish out for a stroll today after work, there was so much more light than at the same time a couple of weeks ago. Ahhh.
  4. I am cooking dinner with two pals tomorrow!
  5. I wore my bright pink corduroy pants today.

I am still so happy about this weekend's dress adventure, which I will tell you more about tomorrow.

What was marvelous about your day, Reader? Do you have a specific item of clothing that brings you a little extra cheer? Also, I just finished Little Women - any recommendations to share based on what you're reading? Do share!

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