Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three things Thursday

Gosh, Miles and Laurel lags a little when I'm honing in on a quilting project! Here it is, 10 p.m., and I just turned off my little sewing machine's light for the evening. Lots of progress - but lots more to go, which is good, because the temperatures by the end of the weekend will create primo conditions for staying inside.

Three little tidbits for today:
  1. Guess what? Sometimes that insurance that you pay for your cell phone - the same kind that makes you feel silly for forking over $5 every month - comes in handy! My phone went kaput last night, and the replacement is going to be (mostly) free. (P.S. I'm sorry if you called or texted and I haven't responded. I promise I am not giving the cold shoulder.)
  2. I got to have tea with my friend Lindsay tonight before heading to a hot yoga session!
  3. And when I got home, Wish was so excited that he tore through the house, picked up a strip of fabric from my quilting project and brought that with him, like a little streamer. Also, yesterday morning, we passed by a dead squirrel on the sidewalk, and he didn't try to eat it. I love my little dog.
What's news about your Thursday, Reader?

1 comment:

  1. Thusday is the highlight of my week, I get to go to the church basement and quilt for a few hours, and yesterday we made fun of our selves and decided the the sequel to church basement ladies should be scraped and we need to write the trails of the sewing circle we do have a hoot of a time. What with all the hearing aid bateries whistling and the new fangled kets chiming in every once in a while.