Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday snow

Today I drove home from brunch in conditions that started as freezing rain and turned into a driving sleet. I was caught on the interstate in a wild icestorm with two friends a couple of years ago and would like to never do that again, so I was very relieved when I got home without incident.

Then, from inside the house, I watched the precipitation change over to big snowflakes - and few inches of snow piled up by the end of the afternoon!

I took Wish out for a walk and knew he would be off his rocker with excitement, and I was not wrong. I laughed out loud for most of our trip at how much joy he found, over and over, in bounding through the snow.

And there were pretty sights to see, too. I saw trees making beautiful shadows on the snow in the twilight and got out my little phone-camera.

Oops! Accidental flash! That's Wish's path through the shadows. Here are the actual shadows:

Earlier in the day, I had gone for a walk to run an errand, and noticed a tree with a fresh pile of snow on each of the little pine boughs, and the bark on the trunk and limbs was nearly glowing.

The city in the snow is pretty nice to look at, even without glowing branches.

The Sunday afternoon snow made for a peaceful start to the new week.

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