Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in review

Oh, Reader, I told you I really goofed on my timing. I know I'm supposed to be looking ahead to 2013. It's just that I had all these ideas in mind for year-end posts - and then saw other ideas from friends' blogs - and I just want to get to those, too!

The inspiration from this one came straight from Nat's blog. If I ever want to remember 2012's key points without reading through all 341 posts from last year, this will be the source.

I painted the main room in our apartment!

I read Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and then went to see the play with Sara at the Guthrie. We celebrated Josh's birthday and I made my first carrot cake. It was an unseasonably warm winter. I started my 101 in 1,001 list!
Josh's cake
I began practicing yoga at CorePower. I started planning my Arizona trip. We had my fam over for dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday. My family had our traditional White Elephant birthday party. I tried to see hot air balloons at a festival, to no avail. I saw some absolutely wonderful hoarfrost!

I celebrated my 28th birthday with bowling!

My mom taught me how to make a scrapbook. I went to Arizona, where I learned about hummingbirds with Natty, rode a horse, went to the fantastic Desert Museum and ran in Sabino Canyon.

I kept up my attendance streak at Opening Day baseball games. I ran a 25K trail race and a happy 10K at Get in Gear. I planted window boxes and a little herb garden. Right before my mom's birthday, my family and I went to Mill City Museum, one of my favorite family activities all year.

Well, I spoke too soon: there were a bunch of family highlights this year, including my sister's college graduation and a weekend trip up north. We celebrated my dad's birthday. Last but not least, we also brought home a little dog in May!!!

June was very Wish-centric - his first bath, obedience class, and pool party - with the exception of an exciting visit from Josh's family! This month really flew by.

The Fourth of July was roasting hot in Minnesota, and we spent the holiday at my parent's air-conditioned house.

Josh's dad came to Minnesota for a visit! Molly and I finished our second 25K trail race of 2012 together. We took Wish on his first picnic. Also, Nat and her husband stayed with us for a couple of days, and Wish made his first dog friend thanks to their patient pup.

August's big highlight was my unforgettable trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with Sara and a bunch of other women.

That fell over my brother's birthday, but we celebrated before.

Josh and I took my grandma to our third annual Twins game together.

I raced and ran a bunch in preparation for the Mankato Marathon in October. We kicked off our second season as Tennessee fans. Josh and I bought our first piece of art together: My Old Dog!

In October, I got to travel to Montreal for a work conference. I also ran my eighth marathon and also ran a 5K with a troupe of superheroes.

November's undeniable highlight was our trip to Tennessee, where we stayed in a cabin near the Great Smoky Mountains and went to a Tennessee football game.

We also, you know, got engaged there! Later in the month, I spent Thanksgiving with my family and ran a Turkey Trot before flying to Colorado for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.

Josh and I went into wedding planning mode and picked our venue, one of our first major decisions in the process. We enjoyed holiday traditions like the cookie exchange and decorating the Christmas tree. It also snowed a foot one weekend, and Wish could hardly contain himself.

We spent Christmas in Colorado before flying back to MSP to spend a few days at my parents' house. I got to help make tamales for the first time!

I already got sentimental in Monday's post, so I'll keep that in check this time. 2012 was a full and very fun year.