Thursday, January 10, 2013

The story about the hats

Wait, I have to back up a little bit. There's more to share about Josh's birthday yesterday, but between making the carrot cake (his favorite), having dinner, wearing our hats and brainstorming wedding dance playlist material, it got to be very late and I ran out of time to tell you about it!

How it all unfolded:

Yesterday was Josh's birthday. As part of my sister's greeting on Facebook, she included a picture she had found online of this random celebratory Keeshond (not Wish, obviously), wearing a hat and eating some sort of meatloaf cake:

Josh was loving it, and I realized I had missed an important detail in the birthday celebration plans. Instead of fawning over the picture and then deciding the internet and world had fulfilled the Keeshond-wearing-birthday-hat quota, it didn't take long to decide that Wish needed a birthday hat for the evening's celebration. But I had a run planned for lunch and didn't quite have time after work to drive around looking for birthday hats! Whatever would I do?!

I have not been packing in the running miles lately but have become a big fan of blending running and commerce. I like to run to the grocery store and pick up the one or two items I need for that night's dinner (see? no impulse purchases possible that way!) and then run home. It was settled: I ran to a dollar store and bought party hats and birthday candles.

(Feel free to excuse my mega-awkward camera shadow.)

Later that evening, I got home and introduced Wish to the hats. At first, he was not having it, and I wondered if my idea was going to flop. Luckily, digging out a few of his favorite treats to have on hand worked wonders.

The outtakes:

I grated about one million carrots (vegetable-packed cake!?), got the cake in the oven, and heard the key turn in the door. I must pause and tell you - the dog owners among my readers will totally hear me here - that to my pup, this sound is one of The Most Exciting Sounds that exist in this world. I jumped up and said "WISH, COME HERE!" and waved a big chunk of his favorite treat toward the bedroom. I can't believe he choose following me into the room over attending to the door. (I told you he was treat-motivated!) I slammed the door and I think Josh was mightily confused while I got Wish ready with his hat.

Then Wish ran into the hallway to find Josh, and I heard Josh say, "Ahhhhh you're wearing a HAT!!!" Success!

They sat down together on the living room floor, and wouldn't you know, the dog lounged peacefully on the floor with his little hat on, breaking out his little Keeshond smile from time to time and relaxing with his papa.

And then I figured we should have a family photo, too, for the archives:

Our little dog has our days sweeter and sillier in so many ways, and it seems fitting that our first birthday celebration with him was like that, too.

A very happy birthday to my dear fiancé, who also makes my days brighter in so many ways.

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  1. Awww! Such a sweet story! I love that Wish kept his hat on for the birthday boy.