Saturday, February 9, 2013


Today was Twin Cities in Motion's Valentine's Day TC 5K at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis! I was there with the TCM committee I'm on, helping out mostly with the photo booth and social media.

Volunteering in a year-round capacity with an organization like TCM shows just how many volunteers it takes to host a successful event - and although we usually stay in our previously-determined volunteer roles, sometimes we pitch in as needed at other areas. Today, for just a few minutes, I got to scoop conversation hearts!

I think there are few people who are completely neutral or on the fence about conversation hearts. Do you love them or hate them? I love them. I thought they looked especially pretty in a huge pile. I also enjoyed a little heart-shaped cookie at the end of the race.

The high is supposed to be 34 today and I had to sternly make myself dress for much colder weather so I could stand outside comfortably all morning. When I got there, I felt the fierce breeze coming off the lake and I was really grateful for my extra layers (and a few packets of handwarmers). Of course, there were still runners in shorts and singlets. Minnesota!

After the race, I stopped at the grocery store to get chocolate chips and the library to pick up some books I had reserved, so I am well-equipped for whatever weather comes my way tomorrow. (It might snow a lot.)

There were lots of dogs in the race today, but Wish was definitely not one of them, so it's time to take him out for a walk. Happy Saturday to you!


  1. LOVE them. Seasonal candy is really the best.

  2. Also love them! Kudos to you for volunteering! There's a big difference between being out there for hours as a volunteer and a few minutes as a runner. Great idea on the extra hand warmers!