Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter wonderland, continued

I went for a run at lunch today, and the breeze and sun and fresh air were just what I needed.

Also, as you may remember from last winter based on my incessant rambling on the topic, I love long, perfect tree shadows against the snow. (I don't even want to look back to see how many posts included tree shadows.) This is roughly the time of the season when I start to appreciate the shadows even more. Is it equidistant on the calendar between fall colors and spring blooms? Either way, I love them.

Anyway, the shadows were out in full glorious force today:

And then there was this poor guy:

Then, right at the end of my run, I looked up and saw a tree full of robins above me - we're talking dozens of robins hanging out in the tree. They looked so lovely and I was so excited that I wanted to snap a photo of one of the groups. I was all, "Spring is on its way!"

Then I felt the tiniest little plop on my shoulder, and while I will choose to believe for the rest of my life that it was one of many seeds falling from that particular tree, I came to my senses that standing agog under a tree full of birds was not the brightest idea. And then I burst out laughing and ran away.

Your Thursday Miles and Laurel.

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