Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sweet: my sister's birthday dinner tonight. First and foremost: happy 23rd birthday to that wonderful and dear girl!

Sweet: my mom's Valentine's Day cookies: thin sugar cookies with a seriously delightful icing in festive colors. We each got little gift bags full of them, and I noticed mine said "R+J" on it, and I wondered why they were specific to each household. Later, in the mix of the pink swirly cookies, I saw an "R+J" personalized cookie. Oops! A little chunk seems to have broken away.

Sweet: the rose from my dad, an annual Valentine's Day tradition that goes way back. When I got to the restaurant, he had three vases lined up on the table, one each for my brother, sister, and me.

And sweet: the little creeper who snuck into the photo, undoubtedly wondering why he can't be part of the cookie party, too.

I love it all.

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