Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scripting adventure

Oh, my. A couple of months ago, I invited my friend Sara to try a community ed calligraphy class with me. I used to be interested in calligraphy when I was a kid and now harbor dreams of applying my yet-to-be-acquired calligraphy skills to the wedding planning process.

Tonight was our first class!

Three things are already apparent:
  1. We love the class and the teacher. It is a totally different activity than anything I do the rest of the day and thus simultaneously relaxing and challenging.
  2. In the rest of life, I hold my pencil unconventionally and that doesn't fly in calligraphy, so me doing calligraphy is basically as elegant as a T-rex trying to do it.
  3. I have a lot of homework each week now!

I have no idea how much my calligraphy skills will grow, but I can already tell the next six weeks are going to be a good adventure.


  1. damn you are fast!

    thank you for using "we" on the first bullet point. may i point out how awkwardly that photo was taken? surprised it isn't fuzzy from the speed in which you whiped out your camera, snapped, and threw it back in your bag. ha!!!

    1. HA! I really thought your sleeve was going to be in the picture. Did expediting the photo-taking process make taking a photo of our notebooks more or less awkward?

    2. That's a Miles and Laurel specialty.