Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello, bench

I'll cut right to the chase: some of you know how I delight in seeing things (both small and significant) that I've never noticed before along my daily paths. It happened today!

Today was a wonderful, beautiful, sunny, 56-degree November day, and I went for a run and pushed up my sleeves. I was on a street that finds its way into many of my routes. I've run on this block's sidewalk at least dozens - and honestly, maybe hundreds - of times.

And what do you know? Today, for the first time, I noticed an old bench built into a yard's slope, a perfect little place to pause, stretch and maybe even take a seat and watch the cars go by. How did I miss this bench so many times? I actually did a double-take and stopped to inspect it (but did not sit down). There are some letters engraved on the bench, but they're worn away and I couldn't string them together.

There are always new things to see.

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