Friday, November 22, 2013

Scarf time

I will throw a party the year that I figure out how to store all of my scarves, hats, mittens and gloves in one place at the end of the winter.

For some reason, I am convinced every spring that I will likely never need these accessories again, let alone all at the same time. This attitude leads to me haphazardly squirreling away hodge-podge bags of winter accessories around the home. I found a bag of hats and a few gloves a few weeks ago in one closet, and then found the more exciting bag with my favorite hats and scarves in a completely different storage space this week. (Maybe this should be a January 1 resolution instead of wishful thinking.)

Anyway, after a couple of 45-degree days this week, I dressed up our dog in a scarf and promptly forgot my own scarf yesterday, when I actually needed it.

It's going to be a chilly weekend in Minnesota. Find your scarves and bundle up!