Monday, November 11, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 45

I had a great weekend that included some bowling, a birthday celebration with old friends, and some much-needed couch time on Sunday evening with a very tired dog after yesterday's outdoor festivities. I have never seen Wish so utterly tuckered out. He's not usually one to snuggle with me too much, but last night on the couch, he wedged his head next to my collarbone and fell into a deep sleep with my arm around him.

Five more marvelous tidbits:

1) After too many days away from the yoga studio this summer and fall, I thought it would be prudent to stop my membership. It was the right decision for now - I'm running a little more and have gym access through work - but I recently decided to sign up for a weekly Monday night yoga class, also through work. That means tonight was my first yoga class since midsummer, and I was so happy. It's power yoga, like I was doing at the studio, and it's so, so good for my mind and body - even though I expect some sore arms tomorrow. At this time, a weekly class works much better for me than a monthly studio membership, and I'm very excited to get back into it.

2) Today's temperatures were cold, but the sun was out, and that makes a huge difference.

3) A year ago this week on a porch in Tennessee, Josh asked me to marry him!

4) I've got a new recipe for butternut squash and sage lasagna that I'm excited to try out this week. (Although tonight was not the weeknight to roast the squash, cook the noodles, assemble the layers and then wait another 45 minutes until it's ready to eat. Nachos for dinner!!!)

5) My Road ID mysteriously went on the lam for a long time - I velcro the tag to my shoes, so I truly have no idea what happened to it. Whatever happened, its absence is bad because I take very seriously the habit of carrying ID with me when I run. (I've been grabbing my license, but I love the Road ID because it's attached to my shoe at all times and thus impossible to forget - unless, of course, it goes on the lam.) I finally ordered a replacement Road ID, complete with my new information, and I think it should arrive tomorrow.

Finally, it's Veterans Day, and among other vets, I've been thinking of both of my grandpas: two dear men who served in World War II.

I hope your week is starting out well, Reader.


  1. Dinner nachos and veteran grandpas for the win!!!!

  2. Veteran grandpas all the way, I thought of your Grandpa, a number of years ago he and I started a tradition of going to the Brainerd Ice Fishing contest and I bought the tickets so they were mailed to my address in his name, well today in the mail Larwence Gregory received a promotional flyer for this years contest. I have told them to remove it but since they haven't it is nice to still see his name in print, the times we spent fishing together, just the two of us is priceless to me.