Monday, November 18, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 46

What a weekend!

On Saturday, Josh and I drove all over the metro area. On Sunday, we thought about what we'd seen.

And today we bought a car for me!

I said goodbye to my 2000 Mazda Protege, which accompanied me for 60,000 miles from age 21 to 29. I bought it in the summer before my junior year of college and learned how to drive a stick shift en route to my first internship, in downtown St. Paul. (I might have acquired its first dent in the parking ramp for said internship, when I may have forgotten to put on the emergency brake, looked back as I walked into work that day and saw the car rolling backwards toward a cement post.)

Nine years later, we've been trying to squeeze a few more miles out of it, but it had become increasingly less reliable (and as a result, especially in the winter, less safe). So I'll start my 30s with another Mazda - this time, a Mazda 3 - and I'm happy and grateful for the switch.

That is the highlight of Marvelous Monday, but here are five more tidbits:

1) Wish and I went for a run today. He was mildly patient all weekend with our car-related visits and research but needed to run off some energy, so we trotted around the neighborhood. We're building up his endurance.

2) The kitchen was hopping yesterday and I made smoky pulled pork tacos via the crockpot, quick minestrone for the week's lunches, and blondies (just for fun). And Josh made paninis!

3) I got my December Bon Appetit over the weekend and the cover features holiday cookie recipes.

4) It's going to be 50 degrees tomorrow!

5) I have been delving into the wonderful world of stencils and will tell you about that project soon.

What's marvelous about the start of your week, Reader? What's your favorite holiday cookie? And what was your first (or favorite) car?

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