Monday, November 28, 2011

And the crafts roll on

Ooh, I am excited about this one, Readers.

If you are a runner or love one, you probably know that a runner's home is scattered with old race bibs.  (No?  Just me?)  When I started racing, I saved each bib as a souvenir and never got out of that habit.  Now, I never want to throw one away, but I never know where to put them, either.  At best, they were housed in a ziploc bag.  At worst...well, at worst, they are in various corners of my files, bookcase, magazine stacks, refrigerator, and so on.

I've seen bib organizers for sale in running magazines, but they seem really expensive for what they are.

Solution: Try to make my own!

Earlier this week, I found myself in the craft aisle, collecting supplies.  I found two blank unfinished picture frames for 99 cents each, a tube of paint (purple) and paintbrushes for the same price, a basic three-hole punch, and a stack of ring-clip things.

We also bought a basic drill, partly because Josh wanted a drill for our home and partly because I was overcome by wanting to make this bib book that night.

Then I had to collect my bibs.  I found about 20 of them in my preliminary search, and I know others will pop out of the woodwork in the near future.  I am so excited to have one place where I can put them!  I love how colorful the bibs are.  Some are plain - I'm sure it's cheaper - but it's fun to see the ones that identify specific races and think about how that race went for me.

While the drill charged, I got to work on the first coat of paint.

Then Josh drilled two holes in each frame, lined up with where the bibs would be punched, of course.  We put the two rings in, and they just barely fit.  Then I worked on finished the paint, and let the frames sit overnight before finishing the book.

The next morning, I jumped out of bed to finish my craft project.  I added my bibs lovingly.  I set up the picture in the frame with a piece of glass from an old 4x6 frame (I told you the frames were 99 cents, right?).  For the cover, I chose a photo from one of my favorite running memories, when I set my current personal record (PR) for 26.2 at the Madison Marathon in 2008. This actually momentarily fired me up to work hard for the next year so I can add a new photo for a new (PR) in a marathon next fall.  

But I digress!  Here's what it looks like from the inside:

And here's the final product!

I am very happy with it.  At long last, my bibs have a respectable home!

(Note: I reserve my right to do Marvelous Monday on Tuesday.  Marvelous Tuesday.)

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