Saturday, November 19, 2011


All morning, the season's first snowfall was looming!  In a few months, the threat of snow will not conjure up much excitement, but now is not that time.  My city has seen flurries, but no real snowfall until today - November 19!

I started the day with a run with my friend Katie.  We met near Lake of the Isles, just like all the running club sessions from the summer, and started out around the lake.  I don't know if it was being on the paths where I did so much hard work this summer, or reconnecting with a great running buddy, or just doing a good old-fashioned long run, but it was the best run I've had in ages.  We ran Isles and Calhoun and decided to add on a loop around Lake Harriet, for a grand total of 10 miles - otherwise known as my longest run since the marathon by far.  The snow stayed away the whole time, but the lakes were churning up a pretty fierce wind, and by the end of the run, sleet was smacking into our faces.  Katie and I have run together on evenings that were 90 degrees, and now we can say we've run together in 25 degrees and sleet, too.

I scurried home to get warm, dry clothes and hot coffee.  The sleet started piling up.

Josh and I ventured outside to run errands, and I remember how much I like footprints on a fresh layer of snow.

While we were out - and our errands consisted largely of puttering around two bookstores - the snow really ramped up.  (I promise I won't chart every snowfall this winter in such great detail.  This is novelty, okay?)  We got home, put on warmer clothes and headed back outside for a long walk.  The falling snow was sharp and icy at first, but a few minutes later, it turned into light, fluffy, soft flakes, which was so pretty under the streetlights.

The only downside of today's snow?  It tried to bury all of the leaves!

There were a few people out walking and a lot of people out shoveling. 

We were super-bundled, so it was actually really comfortable to be out walking.  We didn't dodge the flakes completely (see photo below) but it was good to remember that we can stroll around town, hopefully all winter long.  I'll cross my fingers that my appreciation for the snow lasts that long, too.

Now it's time to pop some popcorn.  Hope you are enjoying your own Saturday, snowy or not!

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  1. that picture of you and josh is disgustingly cute. sj