Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Election Day!

What is the point of that picture?  Take a closer look.

Did you vote already?

In honor of Election Day, a brief story about my run-in with a Real Candidate:

A few weeks ago, Josh and I were walking around our neighborhood and saw two people canvassing door to door.  One was wearing a candidate's t-shirt.  Miles and Laurel is not built to be a political soapbox, so we will use a pseudonym for this candidate: Clint Eastwood.  (Repeat: Clint Eastwood is not actually running for office in my city.  This might be an even better story if he were, though.)  

"Look - it's Clint Eastwood," Josh said, and I made the verbal equivalent of rolling my eyes at him (but in good humor) because every campaign member has to wear his or her candidate's t-shirt and the chances of him actually being Clint Eastwood were really quite low.

This man eagerly bounded over to us, because it was pretty obvious we were strolling around our neighborhood (and thus his campaign territory).  

"Hi!  I'm Clint Eastwood!" he said.  

Josh took everything in stride and introduced himself and shook Clint's hand.  I, on the other hand, started laughing awkwardly.  "Is, um, something funny?" Clint asked, totally confused by my strange behavior.  "Oh!  No!  I just didn't know you were really Clint!  It's nice to meet you!" I fumbled.

Clint had already secured our votes, even before our face-to-face interaction.  I hope he wins tonight, mostly because of his political platform but partly just to justify weeks and weeks of dealing with yahoos like me on the street.

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