Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heat wave

Ahh!  The past few days have been November weather gems, haven't they?  (Note: Reader, I am writing to you from the past and banking on the forecast for today through Friday being unseasonably warm.  Sorry!)  Earlier this week, it was 48 degrees and I hauled myself outside for a midday run before the traveling and Thanksgiving festivities began.  It wasn't just that the temperature climbed above freezing and melted all of the junk on the sidewalk - it was full sun, which adds about 20 degrees to the feels-like temperature index.  I even saw a woman running in shorts and a sports bra.  That is classic Minnesota.  

This fella didn't stand a chance.  Poor guy.

Nature was rocking it today, too.  I obviously have been loving the fall leaves and was sad to see them go, but I've been struck lately by how pretty the tree limbs are without the leaves, too.  This one had a few leaves clinging, but it gave the appearance of being decorated for the holidays with festive trim and fringe!

The sky was super blue and the pine trees on my route looked extra nice against it.  It's the whole getting-in-the-season thing.

And I'm a serious fan of the combination of pinkish-red and blue, so it's no surprise that these little things stopped me in my tracks.

I saved the best part of my run for last, though.  Toward the end, I passed an old woman out for a walk.  She gave me a big grin and two thumbs-ups and yelled, "ATTA GIRL!" 

It totally made my day. 

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