Monday, November 21, 2011

Marvelous Monday

1) Let's start with the big stuff.  My football team got its first conference win of the year on Saturday!  Tennessee beat Vanderbilt in overtime, and it was very exciting.  Josh acquired an mp3 of the Tennessee fight song on his phone, and he plays it whenever the team scores.  It makes our home a festive place, especially when they win!  It has been a very trying season for my sweet Volunteers, but this win was huge and much-needed.

2) I made another batch of spicy chicken chili last night.  I doubled the recipe, and the results just barely fit in the soup pot.  Some friends came over to help us tackle it, and it was such a nice way to spend a Sunday night.  And there are leftovers for tonight!  I was extra-happy it turned out because I seriously bungled every step of the cooking process.  Isn't that the beauty of chili?  It is really hard to mess it up.

3) I got to fit in my run at lunch today, even though my city's streets turned into Ice Rinkapalooza 2011 over the weekend.  I started out the run with a goal to do some modest speedwork, and this goal evolved into "please stay upright please stay upright please stay upright."  I think I was about 70 percent successful with the workout I attempted, which was 6 sets of three minutes hard, two minutes easy (with a warmup and cooldown bookending the intervals).  I found a road that was pretty clear (of both ice and cars - bonus!) for most of the workout, but the first part was more like run run tip-toe slide run shuffle skate run run tip-toe and so on.  Take a look at what the streets looked like last night, and I think you will be able to better imagine that visual.

So that doesn't sound too marvelous, right?  Au contrair!  It's marvelous because I 1) got to run at lunch, 2) stayed upright and did not slip and fall and 3) heard that temperatures are supposed to soar by Thanksgiving and melt all that junk by the time I get back home!

4) Speaking of warm: I'm going to Colorado on Thursday and it's supposed to be 67 degrees!  It's all I can do to not show up to Thanksgiving with Josh's family in beachwear!

5) My dad is out of town on a work trip.  (That's not the marvelous part!  I'm setting up the marvelous part.) He got his first cell phone a few months ago and has figured out the ins and outs of the camera function in no time.  That's good news for us, because he sends pictures of sights on the road.  I love them!  They are like little postcards, but more personal and obviously more instantaneous.  I could probably make a whole post out of his pictures.  Heck, I'm going to try to get him to guest-post during his next trip.  This one made me smile yesterday.  It's a steakhouse in - yep, you guessed it - Texas.  This restaurant, according to Dad, features a 72-ounce steak that is free...if you can eat it all!

What's up with the start of your week?  What's marvelous about it?  Are you traveling this week or staying close to home?

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