Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The best thing I've ever seen

Real-time life update: Yoga.  Friends.  Boot camp.  Unpacking.  Laundry.  Etc. 

You're ready for the Best Thing I've Ever Seen now, aren't you? 

Over the weekend, Josh and I were lounging around and paging through the Sunday paper.  "Here," he said, and tossed a page in my direction without any explanation at all.  "What?" I asked.  And then I saw what he was directing me toward.

This newspaper has a feature in which kids can submit their letters to Santa, and the editor randomly selects up to 30 per day to run as-is - no edits.  And, as mentioned, I think it's about the best thing I've ever seen.  Here are some of my favorites:

You didn't think Jessica needed to clarify that she wants a real horse and a real puppy, right?  Turns out that this is a recurring theme.  Check out Levie, who wants not only real money and loo too (?) but also a real penguin.

Santa is going to have to lug around a lot of penguins this year.  Luckily, Abby notes that the mouse (and flower and food) need not be real, but the hamster and the 200-inch penguin?  Big question mark.

Makayla is only six, but I know she is going to be successful.  Watch how she backs up her request for an iPod touch.  Sneaky.

Meanwhile, I appreciate that Michael is looking out for Santa's needs - a rare quality in letters to Santa these days.  I worry, though, that it's all motivated by the visions of Nerf gun(s) and reindeer rides dancing in his head.

And then there's John.  "That's all you want, John?  And you'll leave me milk and cookies?  Okay, it's a deal," Santa says.

When I was a kid, I wanted Sweet Valley High books and, like, beads.  Does William have a mummy sitting around that needs to be painted?

Dylan's might be my favorite, just because this nine-year-old dude is working the word "clearly" into his letter to Santa.

I'll remind you once more that there are 30 of these letters printed every day for the next month and now I can't find them online and I'm heartbroken.  I am considering subscribing to this newspaper every December just to have my finger on the pulse of Santa letters. I love them all.


  1. I think my favorite part is how Josh just threw the paper at you with zero explanation. He knows you SO well. -sj

  2. I take it this paper is from somewhere around here? Maybe we can start saving them for you.

  3. Your title didn't mislead; excellent find! Ask the family to save these for you until you get there!

  4. Hey congrats, you did it---30 days---30 postings! I vote you keep going--- do December!

  5. I'll second Ken here--reading your blog has become my pre-bedtime ritual! Kudos for achieving your goal--KLechner