Saturday, November 5, 2011

A very long and happy walk

Oh, hello, Weekend Reader!  You didn't think I'd bail on my post-every-day resolution on November 5, did you?

Today was a glorious and wide open day, and it coincided with every one 58 of the degrees I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I was thrilled to be able to spend the day outside.  Josh and I left our home for a walk at 11 a.m. and got back at 4:30.  That's a real good walk. 

We achieved:

1. Two stops for tea.  The first time was at Starbucks, and we pulled up two chairs at an outside table.  With gloves, my puffy LL Bean vest from college and a sweatshirt from high school, the weather was perfect: warm enough to allow sitting outside comfortably and cool enough to stroll around the neighborhood without overheating.  There were lots of people making their Saturday morning shopping rounds and lots of other friends.

2. Football.  This wasn't part of our plan at the start of the walk, but we ended up at our alma mater to watch the football team play its final game of the season.  We found friends there and watched our team chalk up a big margin of victory against its opponent.  Yes!  I usually try to see at least one or two games each season, and this was a good one to catch.

3. Fall.  More fall, more leaves.  Next week's forecast includes possible s-n-o-w, so we walked home after the football game and I loved the crunch-crunch of the leaf piles created by the weekend's gusty winds.

Then, with tea on the brain, we got more tea at TeaSource, a beautiful shop in St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood.  TeaSource has a huge selection of both actual tea and accessories for tea.  Is it poor form to take photos in a store?  I quietly grabbed just a few, mostly because of this gorgeous row of teapots:

Josh and I studied the tea catalog and then approached the wall of tea to make our selection.

We chose lemon sunset, peppermint, peach paradise and chamomile.  This sounds like a lot of tea.  It is!

Okay, we are set for a long time.  Please come over and enjoy a cup of tea (or 20) with us! 

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  1. The next time you see Jack Phinney - make sure to ask him about the tea blend that he created himself! He calls it Mogadishu Morning and he brought some for us. It is super delicious and yummy.