Monday, November 7, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Ooh, the extra light was nice this morning, wasn't it?

To kick off the first Monday of November, let's have a Marvelous Monday! 

1) My summer breakfast is a mix of cereals with a pile of berries on top.  Here is a photo from July (otherwise known as Way Back When).  

Alas, that is not so practical the rest of the year in Minnesota, when berries are expensive and, well, blah.  Yesterday I remembered how much I love grapefruit.  It hasn't always been the case.  I mean, you can picture the stereotypical facial expression that a mouthful of grapefruit elicits.  But a really, really nice grapefruit is a beautiful thing.  This morning: oatmeal with peanut butter, as per usual, plus a pretty little chunk of grapefruit.

2) My football team won this weekend!  Three cheers to the Tennessee Volunteers, who grabbed a much-needed win in their homecoming game.  Josh and I dug up the radio broadcast online (who am I kidding?  Josh did this, not me) and I churned up some pumpkin-black bean soup on the stove while we listened.  So nice to hear our team score some touchdowns!  

3) Tonight I am having a tea date with Sara!  She is coming over to take a few teaspoons of our tea supply off our hands.

4) Last night, we bought an insulator kit (or whatever it's called) and Josh sealed our main window in the kitchen/dining room space, a task we neglected for the entire winter last year and regretted essentially the whole time.  This year, we had already noticed that the window seemed especially drafty, which made sitting near it pretty darn unpleasant.  Josh closed the storm window, put the plastic on, and sealed it with my hair dryer.  No lie: it made an enormous difference.  I am so excited - and so cozy and warm. And hopefully we have a few more pennies in our pockets from keeping the heat a little lower.

I tried to photograph the project, but it just looked like I was taking a picture of the window.  It failed to capture the nuanced magnificence of the plastic.

5) We went back to the Mall of America yesterday solely to return an unused Halloween costume piece at Hot Topic.  Long story short: Somehow I got off course and ending up buying two new pairs of shoes from DSW.  I am wearing one pair today and am loving them.  They involve bows, and that's never a bad thing.

Quick: Think of five marvelous things about your day today.  Care to share?


  1. 5 things about my day so far:

    1. Extra light! That meant that getting up at 7am didn't feel as horrible as normal.

    2. I made it to the gym this morning AND I was able to do a set of speed intervals + strength training.

    3. In efforts to eat well all week, Ben made me a delicious salad before he left this morning and it was filled with all my favorite things - chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions + Annie's goddess dressing (aka. crack in a bottle).

    4. Being able to see the "Marathon Route" flag still up on the light pole outside my window.

    5. Warmer temps this week! We have a high of 67 in the forecast for tomorrow!

  2. 1. Agreed with A-Diddy. I only had to hit snooze once this morning!
    2. Tonight is the first night of my kickboxing class - I'm pretty excited!
    3. I'm pretty happy I'm pulling off my new black boots with dark jeans in a very "casual young professional" way.
    4. My boss won an iPad for the office
    5. This is the start of a four-day work week, which is always MARVELOUS.

  3. Yay! I love reading these answers! Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming!