Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let it snow

Remember last year's mild winter, when all I did was post photos of me wearing shorts for running outside?

I think this winter's going to be different!

Today it snowed like crazy, and the storm's trajectory ended up being quite a bit different than was forecasted. It was supposed to drop around three to five inches of snow, with the heaviest snow falling in central and northern Minnesota. Then, late yesterday evening, my Twitter feed went wild with meteorologists posting that the storm's path had swung southward and slowed down, meaning way more snow for Minneapolis and St. Paul than they had previously expected. By noon today, more snow (4.7 inches at that time) had already fallen than in any day last winter. Whoa.

Here is the day's play by play:

I woke up early and skedaddled over to my friends' house to fulfill my cat-visiting duties while they were traveling, before the snow really picked up and the road conditions deteriorated. After I got back home, I took the resident crazydog out for a walk.

Like his first time in the snow with us over Thanksgiving, he was initially bewildered and/or peeved...

...but then started freaking out with excitement about this weird stuff covering the ground.
Then we went inside and spent most of the rest of the day cozy and indoors. It seemed perfecto that my plan for the afternoon had already included baking cookies.

Later, we went out again, and instead of a couple of inches, there were easily eight inches piled up. In case you were wondering, I think Wish's legs are probably about eight inches long, so it made for some quality entertainment to watch him try to get around the neighborhood while still attending to the must-smells.

(I think that might be my favorite Wish picture ever, by the way.)

The neighborhood looked beautiful, too, with lots of the snow still clinging onto tree branches and thus piling up in a really pretty way:

And it's still coming down! I'm getting my snowshoes out tonight with hopes of using them this week for the first time in two years!

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