Monday, December 3, 2012

Marvelous Monday: Week 49

Oh, my. I missed last week's Marvelous Monday! Let's get up to speed:

1) Josh and I wrangled a Christmas tree over the weekend and it's up! More on that later.

2) (Long) reading report: I finished 1Q84. I started reading it and told Josh about the first few sections, which had played out like a suspenseful thriller. "Why are you reading that?" he said and added that it sounded really good, and I realized how unlike my usual choices the book already was.

The book would go on to include even more new territory for me - science fiction, I dare say - and covering all three volumes in one fell swoop was a major project: two weeks' worth of pretty dedicated reading. I am so unfamiliar with most science fiction that, when I finished, I actually had the urge to re-read it to see the clues and connections to which I'm sure I was oblivious early on in the book.

I am really prone to considering other peoples' reviews in my own analysis of a book or movie, so I put the kibosh on reading reviews until after I'm done so I can fully form an opinion by myself. But then I really like to read reviews! This one from The Atlantic makes me laugh because, even though I finished the book and was drawn into it - and still think about it - I empathize:
It's hard to believe that some of the critics praising 1Q84 didn't really feel, at times, like throwing the book in the air and walking away. Trying to say anything definite about it is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. 
And then I read The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which was a return to my usual literature choices. But it still contained a tiny element of sci-fi (real sci-fi fans are guffawing, I'm sure) because the protagonist, in the food she ate, had the ability to taste the history of each ingredient and the person who made it. Who knows what's next on my reading list now!?  (That's rhetorical.)

3) Josh and I have been visiting wedding venues and learned all kinds of new wedding-related vocabulary in the last week. So many new words! We've met with a bunch of people connected to the venues, and by and large, they have been so helpful and kind. I know it's in their best interest to be friendly, but I've been really impressed by people sincerely taking the time to talk with us, even when they know that we're in the planning stage that involves checking out multiple places.

4) Wish had a successful stay at my mom and dad's house over Thanksgiving, and I am very grateful to them for helping out and taking such good care of him. He loves my parents, and it's really sweet to see.

I did get this photo texted to me, though:

My patient, darling pup.

5) I got to try a Google hangout with Ellie last night. I am way behind the times on this video chat thing, but now I know that it's wonderful. My phone and her phone are both a little bit wonky during actual conversations, and the connection on Google was clear as a bell - plus, we could see each other!

Also, we just got back from a walk with Wish - we're trying to extend his morning walks a little bit - and it's mild and foggy out there. I think I'm going to wear shorts on today's run! That's pretty marvelous, too.

What's marvelous about how your week is starting out, Reader? Do you like any of those video chat services? What are you reading? Do you put reindeer antlers on your dog? Do share!

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