Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mixed success

Reader, you know that I love to try new recipes. Sometimes they work out...sometimes they don't. That's part of the charm, right?

Exhibit A:

That's the saddest, softest batch of caramel you'll ever see, Reader. It was yesterday's practice run for a more serious attempt later in the month. I need to aim a couple of degrees higher on the ol' candy thermometer next time. It still tastes good, which is super news, but only for me and whatever other members of my household choose to partake. (Like my dad said yesterday: "You can just tell people it was meant to be poured in coffee!")

Luckily, today brought Exhibit B:

That's cookies and cream popcorn, with white chocolate, chopped Oreos, popcorn and copious amounts of sprinkles. Much better. It was another run-through for a possible later date, and I think this one passed.

Any recent smashing successes or phenomenal fails with new recipes, Reader? Please share!

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