Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The new project

Tonight I started my first quilt.

And now that I am one-seventh done with the actual quilt's material - one row! - and I think the worst is behind me, I will proclaim that there were about 30 minutes this evening when I was sure it was going to be an absolute mess. If this thing really comes together and you ever stop by to visit and snuggle up with this quilt, you can just take a discreet peek at Row 6, patches 3 and 4. They are bad news! Crooked, scraggly, bunchy, strange news.

But then I finally got my mind around how to arrange the strips in a way that actually made sense instead of guessing how they were going to fit together, and then the whole thing started to go a lot more quickly. It will also help if I can cut more straight strips of fabric.

For now, I am just happy that this little project is finally off the ground!


  1. I don't know what scissors you have but if you get a nice pair of heavy fabric shears they help you cut straighter! Annie

    1. Thanks, Annie! I think my shears are pretty solid (picked out by my mom!)...I think it's just the first time I've ever had to be quite so precise. I'm glad my first try is mostly t-shirts and not an intricate pattern!

      Do you quilt??

    2. A rotary cutter and a block cutting guide ensures that they are all the same size anf will help block them, I was also told if you iron fuisble interface on the t- shirts it made for more precise cutting