Friday, March 8, 2013

A few notes for Friday

There are some fun things going on this week around Miles and Laurel, even though I didn't get to go to calligraphy class on Tuesday. (It was cancelled because of the snow!)

1) Any shopping list that includes this word is a winner:

2) I am very excited for my friend Katie, who is teaching her first yoga class tonight! I am so proud of her and although I can't attend her class tonight, I will attend one very soon. She is going to be a great teacher.

3) I strolled four miles last night with Molly and her pup. Molly is having her first baby very soon! It was great to spend some miles with her. (And we revisited our goal to lead a pace group together for a race - something, she suggested, for the next 101 list!)

4) I am loving the Hart of Dixie fans that came out of the woodwork this week after Monday's post, which means I have been able to talk about the show with people besides Josh, which may be one of his favorite outcomes of my blog to date. It also boosts my hope that the show won't get cancelled because now I know more people are watching it!

5) There has been a huge change in the amount of daylight lately. The sun was just ducking below the horizon at the end of our walk, and it's light in the mornings now, too. Ahhh.

Wish wants to participate in said daylight now, so I've gotta run. Happy Friday to you! What are your favorite highlights from the week so far?

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  1. My heart soared when I read this post. At first I thought, "Oh, cool! Rebecca knows another Katie who is teaching yoga!" and then I realized... "Oh, wait - I think that's ME!" Thanks so much for including me in the Friday round-up... I can't wait to hear about what involved powdered sugar and cake flour!!! :) P.S. Is Molly the friend who you run trail races with?