Monday, March 4, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 9

Last night, I was assembling a batch of Moosewood chili on the stove with the ever-enthusiastic Canine Mop underfoot to clear away any dropped ingredients. I shooed him into the living room, and then a couple of carrot chunks flew off the cutting board onto the ground, and I thought to myself, Of course Wish isn't here when food he can actually eat falls into his reach. I turned to measure spices, and about a minute later, I looked behind me and saw Wish sitting about 10 feet away, admiring a carrot chunk that he had plucked from the kitchen floor without me even realizing he was there.

Rascal. In other news, we are still celebrating our repaired kitchen sink that I mentioned last week. It is so much easier to cook with a functioning sink!

Onward with Marvelous Monday's five tidbits:

1. It's March, the month that includes the six-months-til-our-wedding mark!

2. I've been on a major kick for evaluating whether spaces and stuff in our home reflect how we use them  and thus how well they are serving us. I love many things about our home, but the storage situations throughout are kind of kooky, so I want to make sure they're being used well. For example, I looked at our cupboard and realized that we had been stashing some huge Tupperware containers - that we use a handful of times per year - in key real estate on one of the lowest shelves. Argh!

This weekend I shuffled the dinnerware and glasses around to make sure that the pieces we use the most are the most accessible. I also went through the four kitchen drawers to make sure that their contents made sense. It turned out that nearly a full drawer was still being occupied by the duplicate utensil set that we haven't touched since we merged our households together (two years ago). I am so excited for the new space.

3. One month from today I will be flying to Washington, D.C., for a long weekend with friends (and the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run!). I can't wait!

4. I had a little more time than anticipated last night and made the batch of chili that I had originally planned to cook sometime this week after work. (This is worth celebrating because Sunday night cooking, to me, is so much more leisurely than weeknight cooking.) I packaged the chili individually for easy meals this week, which should also cut down on just want Chipotle moods.

5.  After reading a tweet about an episode last week, I had been eagerly awaiting Hart of Dixie's return from its midseason break. It's a CW show about a doctor who moves from New York to Alabama and hijinks inevitably ensue, and I was ready to confess to you that I unabashedly love this show. But it turns out that I am the worst television fan ever, because the midseason break actually ended five or six weeks ago. Luckily, Hulu helped me catch up fast. I only know one other person who also watches this program and I cannot wait to talk to her about it...even though I am utterly dismayed by a recent plotline twist. In other news, I am caught up with HBO's Girls now. That's easier because it's only 30 minutes long.

Your turn! Have you reorganized spaces in your home recently? Any TV shows you're loving? Any spring travel plans? Share away in the comment section!


  1. I am dismayed too!!! But that show is so stinking cute and I adore it (and am really liking the idea of Annabeth/Lavon, and also really like Annabeth's clothes).

    1. Yes! Yes!! (to everything you wrote)

      So glad you chimed in!

    2. I just hope they don't use this as an excuse to go back to Zoe/George, because I actually like him with Tanzy (Tanzie? Whatever). I could potentially see Zoe/Brick's cute nephew, which I would be okay with while Wade is alone for awhile and grovels because REALLY WADE? REALLY??

    3. I was telling Josh what had happened and he said "With the girl who lives on the edge of town?" and I got to say, "NO, she's with GEORGE now!" and even better, he said, "Really??"

    4. Do you read the Hart of Dixie recaps on Go Fug Yourself? They are glorious. (And I think Josh probably secretly likes the show. How could you not? It's so charming!)