Saturday, March 2, 2013


Last night I went to sleep thinking this morning would include a couple of hours of running. This morning I woke up and thought that the day might instead hold a 75-minute yoga session and some relaxing and possibly a small but much-needed shopping trip. I decided to go with my instinct and be bold and roll with it. (Such is one distinct upside of not training for a spring marathon!)

I started the morning with Wish's version of an endurance workout: a long walk with him. We strolled along some streets that were new to him, and the neighborhood was quiet - so quiet that I actually wondered if I had messed up the time and it was really 7 a.m. instead of almost 9:00. I found out later that it was only 20 degrees, but the combination of no breeze and bright March sun (March sun!) made it feel downright warm. I took my hat off! Wish was loving life, except for one time when I caught him giving side eye to a snowman. We also walked over what I think was Wish's first bridge. ("CARS UNDERNEATH US AND CARS NEXT TO US!?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!") Later, he got to enjoy a little trail (read: non-paved path, nothing particularly rugged), which always makes him morph into a wild little dog who seems like he's trying to show me how utterly cool he is with wilderness.

And the shopping trip and yoga class happened, too. But the walk with my goofy dog is what I'll remember most about today.

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  1. Aahhh - this sounds like the perfect Saturday! So glad you went with your gut and did what your body was calling for. :)