Monday, March 25, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 12

The first Marvelous Monday of spring: go!

1) In case there was any doubt from last night's post, Wish did nearly explode when he saw that Josh had returned last night. The combination of the look on his face and how fast he ran to greet Josh was basically "AHHHHHHHHHH!!" which I realize isn't very eloquent but is pretty accurate. Then we started eating our Chipotle dinners and he was all, "You left for so long and now you won't even share?! UGH!!!" Back to the regular routine.

2) I have a smartphone, but I kind of hate it. Here's some incentive to use it less: Your phone versus your heart. I found the article fascinating (and marvelous encouragement to stash the phone away more often).

3) In less than two weeks, I will be in Washington, D.C.! I cannot wait! My twitter feed alerted me to a series of guided ranger walks through the cherry blossoms during their peak, which is scheduled to coincide with my trip, to learn more about their history. Natty and I are intrigued.

4) The forecast has 50 degrees predicted for Friday.

5) Calligraphy breakthrough last week! We learned a little doodle to add to the capital letters, and that little addition really pulled together what we've learned so far. We have a week off this week (spring break!) but that will give me more time to actually practice it.

Hey! What's marvelous about your Monday so far? Is it spring yet where you are?


  1. I got to sub as a para in the elementary school for the first time and then to have lunch with small groups of 5th graders, and then 4th graders and practise having meaningful appropriate lunch conversations, what a great attitudes and spirits the children have.

  2. My yoga instructor tonight mentioned this article!! I'm saving it to read tomorrow since I'm half way to bed right now.

    Can't wait to explore those blossoms together <3.