Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three things Thursday

Wow! It's almost the weekend. Here are a couple of seriously Hodge Podge updates:

1) Dinner that I began last night is finally in the oven. I bought a ton of vegetables early in the week to make a Moosewood tamale pie recipe. It's nothing like actual tamales but has a cornbreadesque topping, loads of vegetables (pepper, jalapeno, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, black beans) and a layer of cheese in between, which is a pretty good recipe for a thumbs-up in my book, and I haven't made it in awhile. Anyway, I made sure I had cornmeal before I left for work, came home and cooked all of the vegetables, only to be thwarted by what turned out to be way-expired cornmeal.

(I was kind of pleased with myself because I spread the vegetables out between two pie plates, making it properly tamale pie, and stashed them in the fridge while I acquired fresher cornmeal.)

2) I got a haircut! My hair was edging toward out of control. My mom cut about five inches off - I don't know how it got so long - and it's still just below my shoulders (and thus ponytaleable). It feels great. Thank you, Mom!

3) As I mentioned on Monday, I'm reading The Night Circus, which is a decidedly serious book featuring an illusionist, and sometimes it makes me think of Gob from "Arrested Development" and his theme song and I get distracted. (Is this happening for anyone else in my book club? I hope it's not just me.)

In other news, I filed my bracket just under the deadline. Let the record show: Florida versus Louisville.

Onward to Friday!

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